Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tell It To The Stars: Judy's mystery quilt

I fell behind with the mystery quilt in august (those edge setting triangles looked very daunting!) but after visiting all the other quilters that HAD completed theirs, I was encouraged that they were not quite as hard as they looked. (I'll agree- they weren't!)
so now I'm all caught up, and even a little bit ahead for now!
sorry for the odd lighting in the picture- it's the afternoon sun shining through the leaded window in the front door.
and I'm still just as please at how it's turning out- can't remember the final size off hand, but hoping that there are some more beautiful borders to go on...
ANDANDAND: I was the lucky winner of Vicki's stash pack last month! I chose Thrive, and I'm looking forward to making it into a baby quilt for a dear friend and her newest little daughter. many enthusiastic thanks to Vicki and Judy for doing this mystery! I can only hope that we'll do another one in 2015!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

it's a case of better late than never...

September was supposed to be a slower month for us, but it was just as busy... I did sneak away to the sewing room a few times, and made some more orange crumb blocks.

after looking around the scrap jars, scrap suitcase and scrap strips, I realized that I'm not making too much of a dent in those orange scraps. so, taking a clue from Julie, I decided to add a couple more blocks to my monthly piecing journey. split 4 patch was an obvious choice with my 3" squares. I have a whole (vintage) suitcase full of 3" squares- in many colors. orange was a good (not overwhelming) color to start with.

and STILL I had many, many squares! so I made a 9 patch with a Kona White center. and still the squares... so then a 16 patch of different oranges. I'm happy with my little pile of orange blocks- and I'll just continue to plug away at the colors for the next couple months.

click on over to soscrappy to see what other orangey-ness others have been doing all month. can't wait to see what October will be!
or the next couple years... RSC15? I'm in!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

keeping busy... lots of stuff going on!

here are my January through July blocks for Judy and Vicki's mystery- Tell It To The Stars. loving how it's going so far- and the august blocks are some of the setting and corner pieces-and they use more YELLOW! Judy did tell us way back when that color #2 would be the predominant color. I'm excited to see how it's going to start going together.

JUST TO BE CLEAR: I should mention that ALL my blocks are done- they're just pinned on the design wall in pairs... there are 2 each of all 6 star blocks, and 6 of the chain blocks.
I tried to figure out how this quilt would go together- I even went so far as messing around in EQ5, but couldn't get it. (didn't try TOO hard, though! I don't want to ruin the surprise.) although- having said that, there seems to be a spoiler in the linkups... oh, well.
this quilt top was one that I "just had" to do- found the tutorial on youtube here. after seeing it, I got the brilliant idea to make mine in low volume fabrics. (you know, what we quilters used to call neutrals, or background fabrics, before quilting got all popular and modern!) I had originally planned on doing the grey squares at all the intersections, but after doing a bit of math, realized that that would mean cutting, sewing, pressing and trimming 296 grey triangles! I quickly "scrapped" that idea and opted for the more modern version of the grey squares just fading away- and I really like it!
this is a huge hodge-podge of different fabrics- mostly all from my stash- and some quite new (purchased for this quilt) and some as old as 25+ years! it's a good feeling to use up so many different fabrics. and also surprising at how well they look together- no one fabric seems to jump out at me.

Sunday, July 06, 2014


 it's still early in July, and I managed to get my blocks done for Tell it to the Stars. yay, me!

it's only the second Saturday of the month, and I've used all the red (or most if  it, anyway...) in my scrap jars. 7 more blocks for the RSC14.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

slow and steady wins the race...

I was able to spend some time last night piecing my red crumb blocks for July. I still have a pile of reds- maybe enough to make 6-8 more blocks. I enjoy piecing the crumb blocks- just sew and go! no thinking, no cutting... it's relaxing.
see what others are making with their red scraps here.
also: if you scroll down a few posts over at soscrappy, you can see the Wednesday linky that they did with all the rainbow blocks we've made so far this year. (green, blue, yellow, teal, pink and purple.)  it's definitely worth taking the time to click over. every one's blocks are beautiful. ( I didn't' link up, but wish I had... I didn't' take the time to get all my blocks out and line them up...)

Friday, July 04, 2014

Tell it to the Stars: January- June

I managed to come in just under the wire and finished my June Tell it to the Stars blocks today. just in time for mr. linky! see all the other blocks over at Judy's blog...

( I took designer liberties with June's block, and replaced the HSTs in the corners of that block with the plain background squares. I didn't like the way those HSTs were so busy looking...)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

crumbing right along...

the RSC14 for the month of June is yellow. finally, on the 15th, I was able to slip up into the sewing room, and sort all my yellows. after only an evening of sewing, I was able to make these 9 blocks. I'm happy with that. now, if we could only get all the rabbits, deer and groundhogs that are eating the garden~ especially the broccoli!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

just beautiful!

my oldest son, who lives (and surfs) in California took these two pictures. I just love them- the vivid, clear and crisp colors, the depth of field, the stones in focus in the foreground....

what's not to love? just wanted to share!
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