Friday, April 18, 2014

a little bit of purple...

not too much purple in my scrap jars, and not too much variety, either. but I still managed to piece 11 6½" scrappy blocks.
now that spring has come, and the ground has finally thawed, life in the gardens and fields is getting very busy. there won't be too much time to sew, but hopefully I can find a few minutes here and there...

Monday, March 31, 2014

making progress on that mystery- TWO stars at a time!

Judy's Tell It To The Stars is coming along nicely. and I'm loving it so far! this months blocks were constructed a bit differently, but went together nicely. I think I did swap the colors a little bit- I wanted my stars to be yellow.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

in which the blogger finally gets her colors right!

after a bit of confusion on my part, and suddenly remembering that I DID have teal/aqua scraps (neatly stored in a different place) I made some more blocks for RSC14. I'm loving how these blocks are turning out, and it's fun to look at all the other blocks that are being made, too...

click over here to see more blocks and inspiration!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

RSC14- of course it's green: it's March!

EDITED TO ADD: *except this months color is not green, I know... I know...* after making all the green blocks, (because I don't have teal and aqua in my crumb stash, and looking at all the other link ups in this months RSC14, I remembered that I DO have teal; it's just in a different place!) I sort my crumbs by color, and I just remembered that I had put all the teal/aqua in a baggie, under the sewing room table. (not in the large glass jars on the sewing room shelf...)  oh, dear! well now I know what I'll be working on this week, and when green IS finally chosen, I'll be ahead of the game!

clearly, there are not many teal/aqua scraps in my jar! but still, the other night I worked at separating all the different shades of green, and another evening I sewed them into my 6½" crumb blocks. I made 13 in all, and these will go into my "crumb block box" to await more to join them.
I designed my rainbow quilt on EQ5-  I'm not even sure if it's an original! I was inspired by lots of the quilts I saw on so scrappy's rainbow pinterest board, and some ideas from Sunday Morning Quilts as well. ( Cheryl and Amanda designs are intriguing to me- I love to haunt their blogs!)
one quick question: does anyone know if we'll be doing black/brown/grey/white as part of the RSC14? I know they're not technically "rainbow", but I do have a fair amount of scraps in those colors...
anyway... I'm collecting blocks with this quilt in mind as a final goal ~ whenever that may happen!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Design Wall Monday: a first for me!

the weather is still cold, snowy and ridiculous here, but not too many complaints from me... I think I'm the only person I know who doesn't really mind the winter weather. spring will be here before we know it, and then it's off to the gardens, fields and high tunnel for me.

this is the design wall in my sewing room (just a piece of 1" foam insulation, covered with batting. while there are usually a few random or lonely blocks slapped up on there, this is the first time I've made it "official" and linked up with design wall Monday. and heck, while I'm at it, I'll link up with RSC14, too!
the homespun blocks are some leftover 3½" squares (that I purchased) from when we made our new minister and his wife a quilt. I've had them for several years (they even made it onto my 2011 UFO list for Judy's challenge as UFO #12., and then again in 2012 as UFO #9!)  obviously, I changed my mind on how I would piece them. I settled on a simple 9 patch- with 3 lights/6 darks. I plan to set the blocks in an off-set barn raising pattern. I have about 40 blocks done, and need 81+.
in the upper left corner there are a few lonely scrappy trips blocks. the strips were leftover from a quilt that I pieced for my (baby) niece this summer. there are only 6 blocks, so not quite enough to do something with, but I was contemplating slashing into them and making something like this. still pondering that though, so there they sit...
the blue and pink blocks are from RSC14. this is my first year for participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, but I was all ready to jump in since I already had my scraps sorted by color. I've already been piecing 6½" blocks by (monochromatic) colors, but it's nice to jump in and let soscrappy choose a color for each month. January was blue; February is pink. I've worked through both of my scrap jars in those colors, and was able to use most of my scraps. I do have a quilt in mind that I plan on doing with my blocks, but that will wait awhile. be sure to check out the pinterest page she has with so many beautiful quilts for inspiration!
and one more thing: (thanks for reading this far, by the way!) out of the 18 quilts I had listed for the 2011 and 2012 UFO's with Judy, I finished 14 of them. not too bad, huh?

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Tell It To The Stars: all that you wanted to know and more...

loving how Tell It To The Stars is turning out so far. each month until June, we'll be doing two blocks. (click on the link above to go to the original post about TITTS, and a link to each month's progress, AND everyone's linky's)

February 1: the next blocks for Judy's mystery quilt just came out, and I got right to it... they're done!

January's blocks: done!

here are my fabric choices. fabric #3 is the royal blue that I used in my wedding, #4 is Kona lupine.  fabric #6 is my favoritest ever~ stones!

Friday, January 31, 2014

and there was much sewing and piecing in the land...

January has been very cold (pretty much everywhere!) but I've been happily piecing away all month long. I've enjoyed the time in my sewing room, and I'm so thankful that I can take the time to piece away!

again this year I'm doing Judy's mystery quilt. this year it's Tell It To The Stars. here are my first two blocks all completed. I'm loving my fabric choices so far. I've chosen the yellow as my main fabric, banking on the fact that any quilt with the name Tell It To The Stars is bound to have many stars in it! the grey is rock fabric- my favorite, favorite ever! the purple is Kona Lupine, and the blue is the fabric from my wedding. can't wait to see how it turns out month by month...

my daughter A got me this book for Christmas. I was so happy to receive it, and pieced two quilts from it already.

the first is this quilt- I used a neutrals Kona cotton jelly roll, and Kona papaya for the yellow. I plan to quilt it myself, using vertical cables. someday, that is!

next was this one- again, all from stash! when I'm almost done with a fabric, I'll cut it into 2½" strips, and put it in the bin in my closet. there are so many patterns out there that use the 2½" strips, and jelly rolls can be SO expensive, that often I'll make up my own jelly roll. I really like the way this quilt turned out, too! so many of the fabrics have a little story behind them, and it's fun to search for all the different dresses, quilts, pillow cases and shirts that I've made for my children in the past 15+ years.

this was my first Bonnie Hunter mystery- Celtic Solstice. i found out about it at the last minute, but I'm glad I jumped in. again, I pieced this all from stash (isn't that such a good feeling?) I chose to do this mystery, since I know Bonnie's patterns often have gazillions of tiny pieces, and it's so different from what I would normally do. ( I usually shy away from tons of little pieces, and twiddly patterns). but- I'm happy with how this turned out, and would do another mystery of hers- as long as it's only once a year!

most of the chevron blocks I pieced wrong; there are only 7 in the quilt that I pieced the right way. oh, well. I considered ripping them all out, but (easily) talked myself out of it! I have no plans to quilt this at this time, but it's hanging in my sewing room closet with the backing fabric (a blue and orange paisley purchased for $2/yd) all pieced, and the binding fabric cut and rolled with it.
PS: is it just me, or is blogger really irritating? I can't get my pictures to rotate or center the way I want them to. sorry!

Monday, December 23, 2013

squares, Squares and more SQUARES!

i've been quilting for 25+ years now, and over those years my quilting style has changed. before I was mostly making matchy-matchy quilts, (with no borders!) in fairly traditional styles and colors. in the past few years, I've been drawn to white and black backgrounds, and very bright colors in unexpected combinations. old habits die hard, but my quilts have certainly changed recently.
one of the quilts that I really like was (is) Film at Five. I had been wanting to make this quilt for awhile, but with the busy gardening and growing season, that just wasn't happening.

this quilt has a bit of a funny story to it. we work so hard in the spring and summer planting, weeding, tending and harvesting our LARGE garden for our CSA that there is not much time or energy for me to sew. finally I began this quilt as a leaders/enders project, and got far enough that I was excited to push through and finish it. I had a nice amount (1000+) of 2" squares that I had begun collecting for a watercolor quilt about 15 years ago. I lost interest in that quilt, and had this bag of floral squares for a LONG time and never did anything with it. I had even taken the bag of squares to our quilt group yard sale, in the hopes of selling it. when it didn't sell, that's when I got the idea to make a Film at Five quilt with it. however, I thought it would be easier to do as a leader/ender project if I did a 16 patch instead of a 25 patch. it wasn't until I went to put the sashings together that I realized it HAD to be a 25 patch for the sashing math to work out properly... so I improvised. all the squares are florals, and in honor of our extensive gardening/farming, I put in a few squares of my favorite stone fabric. I LOVE how this quilt turned out!

my two (sweet) little girls, A and B do not have a full size quilt for their beds. they both have several smaller quilts, but not matching full sized quilts for the beds in the room that they share. I had promised them that when we put the gardens to bed this fall, we'd start on their quilts. A's quilt has yellow, green, pink and orange squares.

B's quilt has yellow, green, blue and purple squares. both quilts have the exact. same. yellow and green fabric, but it's amazing how different they look. now we know what they mean when they say pinks and oranges are "warm" and purple and blues are "cool"! we'll take these to our long arm friend right after Christmas.
all 3 of these quilts are very different than what I would have made 20 years ago, but I L.O.V.E. them all. thanks for stopping by!
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